James Lever
Reliable Ropes & Twines manufacturers since 1856.

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Rope & Twine Manufacturers Since 1856

James Lever are one of the oldest rope and twine manufacturers in the UK, established over 155 years ago, supplying ropes and twines to the UK and European markets...

Rope & Twine products

  • sash cords - cotton waxed sash cord jute sash cords

    Sash Cords

    Our range of sash cords available - manufactured in a range of Jutes, Cotton and Synthetics
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  • clothes lines rotarty washing lines pulley lines

    Clothes & Rotary Lines

    Ranges of clothes and rotary lines, manufactured from P.V.C, Cotton, Jute, nylon and Polyproplyene
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  • pulley rope nylon jute polyproplyene

    Pulley Ropes

    James Lever range of pulley ropes manfactured in Nylon, Cotton, Jute and Polyproplyene
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  • twines and string garden string butchers twine string house coloured twine


    Our extensive range of twines - Garden Twines, Butchers twines, Household Twines, Packaging Twines, Bakers Twines and different decorative twines.
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  • blind cords endless cords uk manufacturers

    Cords & Ropes

    James Lever suppliers of cords, the cord range - Endless, Blind cords, endless cords, Magicians Ropes, Braided cotton ropes, Banding and Polyester braided cords.
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  • polyproplyene rope manufacturers suppliers of poly ropes

    Polyprolyene Ropes

    Polyprolyene Rope Coils, Handy Coils and Lorry ropes supplied by James Lever , Rope and Twine manufacturers since 1856.
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  • decorative twines and strings

    Decorative & Specials

    Ranges of decorative and special cords and ropes, unusual decorative, one offs and hard to find products.
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  • Traditional Ropes

    Traditional Ropes

    Ranges of traditional ropes in natural and synthetic fibres inc polyhemp, sisal and manila ropes.
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Our Brands

  • everlasto twines
  • longlife pvc washing lines rotary clothes washing lines
  • rope wholesales uk
  • premium string products
  • wholesaler ropes string and twines
  • rope and string manufacturers
  • twine cords manufacturers
  • clothes line suppliers coloured string

Decorative / Offers / News / Specials

  • bakers twines manufactuers and suppliers James Lever UK

    Beautiful Baker's Twine

    The worlds largest range of Beautiful Baker's Twines.

    Putting the colour into Baker's Twines since 1856. NEW Baker's Twine download brochure -
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  • decorative twine and string

    Decorative & Craft Offers

    Please find here decorative & craft.

    Decorative and craft twines and cords selection of decorative twines for craftworks and special use -
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  • wholesalers ropes twines string

    Offers and Promotions

    Please find here special rope, twine & string offers & promotions.

    Offers and promotions on ropes and twines, changes regulary
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  • marine ropes poly ropes rope manufacturers

    Special Items

    Special items

    Special items from James lever and Sons Ropes and Twines.
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